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How long has Hidden Treasure been providing special education services to students?

Since 1981.

What is the student enrollment at Hidden Treasure?

Current enrollment is 42 students. Our largest enrollment has been 94 students.

Who is eligible for enrollment at Hidden Treasure?

Hidden Treasure enrolls students who, for various reasons, have difficulty achieving their potential in a traditional classroom setting. We provide services to young people who have been diagnosed as educable mentally handicapped as well as those who are gifted. The challenged represented in our student body include but are not limited to the following:

We accept students regardless of race, gender, or national origin.

What ages are the students who enroll at Hidden Treasure?

We have enrolled students as young as four-and-a-half and as old as 29. The age at which we accept and retain students depends on their individual needs and our ability to meet those needs.

What types of teaching materials are used in your program?

Our preference is to use materials that are consistent with our Biblical philosophy. When such materials are not available, we then carefully screen and incorporate secular materials into our program. In the event appropriate materials are unavailable, our staff creates their own materials to teach and reinforce the concepts being taught.

What is the cost of tuition at Hidden Treasure?

The cost of tuition is approximately $18,000.

Is tuition assistance available?

Yes, tuition assistance is available on three levels.

Level 1: Every family enrolled in HT automatically receives a $3,900 scholarship. Actual tuition for this year is approximately $18,000; therefore, the highest amount of tuition assessed is $14,100.

Level 2: Every family is encouraged to apply for an additional supplement based on financial need. This information is submitted to FAST who takes their personal financial information and makes a recommendation to us as to the amount of the supplement recommended (up to $5,500). If the full scholarship is awarded, tuition amount for the current year would be $8,600.

Level 3: If the parent is denied a supplement or if they feel the amount of the supplement granted will still not allow the tuition to be affordable for them, they submit a letter to the school office or business office requesting additional consideration. The scholarship committee takes the additional information into consideration and determines if additional monies can be granted.

How do HTCS tuition costs compare to other special education programs?

Generally, special education programs require three times the amount of funding needed for a traditional program. Our base tuition is very competitive with private schools that serve students with specific learning or language disabilities even though many of our young people may have significantly greater needs.

Are contributions to Hidden Treasure tax deductible?

Yes, HTCS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Note: To our knowledge, there is no other Christian school in the nation that provides the broad scope of special education services we provide. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our school or to schedule a visit to the school.