Hidden Treasure: A Ministry of Special Education

Since 1981, Hidden Treasure has been providing special education instruction to children with mental, physical, emotional, and developmental disabilities. Our program includes K5, elementary, junior high, and senior high school aged students. At the heart of the Hidden Treasure program are two key elements: a low student-teacher ratio and an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). For every 3 to 8 students (depending upon the need), there is one teacher and, many times, an assistant teacher in each classroom working together to help each child develop their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

An IEP is developed for each student after a careful evaluation of his or her mental and educational abilities and practical needs. The IEP outlines specific, measurable goals the child is to achieve based upon his or her personal potential. Our educational commitment is not merely to provide accommodations for young people with disabilities, but to prepare them for life outside an academic setting.

The staff at Hidden Treasure believes that each child is important and that each child has something of significance to contribute to his family, friends, and community; that each child is designed by God and God has given him everything he needs to do His will for his life. For a child with special needs, a talent can be hidden within a limitation. With proper training, the door to that hidden talent can be opened and once revealed, can become a life message.

Hidden Treasure is a viable educational option for young people of all ages with special needs. We provide a safe, nurturing environment where children understand their purpose and are given the opportunity to develop their potential.

To watch our promotional video, please click on the following link: Hidden Treasure.